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OpenGL image1D as function parameter in glsl

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Hi like the topic suggests I am trying to find a way to pass an image1D (2D or whatever) in a parameterlist of a glsl function like:

vec4 myImageLoad (in image1D tex, int pos) {...}

This is simply for convenience when i need to do some more calcularion on the texel value.


However i did not get my driver (AMD HD6950) to compile this, the error would be "missing or invalid layout qualifier"

when I use a layout qualifier like this:

vec4 myImageLoad (layout (rgba32f) in image1D paramtex, int light) {...}

The compiler suggests: "parse error on 'layout'".


Since the glwiki told me this would be possible, but didnt give a syntax example (, one of you guys might give me a hint.


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