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Abby Cullen

My MMORPG ideas

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My mmo.(still thinking the name)
camera view: like guild war 2
type of leveling option
1. pve  
2. pvp
3. wvw
4. crafting/work
gameplay example
1.Create character
2. Arrive at Prontera. Lv 1
3. Get a job at town. example cake and pizza shop
4. Work. get lv 2. get paid 15 silver. Work is daily activities that can be done once that give u level exp and money. U get paid better as your work rank increase.
When you gain your work level, you can get paid up to 10+ gold a day!
When u get to max work level, you can get licend to start your own business 
If player want to get the best equipment in WvW part of this game, playing working part of the game is crucial because easy cash was there.
5. Rent a house for a house buff. Small house rent 10 silver a day. You can sleep and bath there. own a house, sleep, bath, eat,drink give a small buff for duration of time.(12 hours++) 
Player still can, eat, bath and sleep at inn that cost much lower. like 5 silver. But player wont have house buff and garden.
You have a small garden at your house so u can farm and start a trading run later. But before u can farm, u need money to start the trading run business.
6. Go to pve low level map with all the buff. Kill lv 2 monster. get lv 3. Kill lv 3 monster. get lv 4
Becareful in pve, there might be high level enemy player assassin that finding player for gold. Killing enemy player in their pve map will grant 1gold per head to the assassin.
More details about pve.
Every week, 2 server world will be paired together. They can walk to each other pve map. Like open world pvp.
Every server has low level map, medium level map, high level map, shared world boss map.
The distance is like this:
Server A citadel > low level map A > Medium level A > High level A > Shared boss map A and B < High level B < Medium B < low B map < Server B citadel
This include naval battle.
So the world is connected. Every week server will be paired with other server depends on the server performance.
7. Boring with pve? Que for 10vs10 pvp tournament!you gain 50% experience and 50 silver each win! if u lose u still get 25% experience and 25 silver!
All player is at max level and wear same equipment level in a fair pvp arena fight.
Player can que for proper 30 minutes pvp game or just join hotjoin that give less money and less exp.
Pve small buff (like home,eat,drink,etc) wont carry for pvp. This place is total fair balance fight. Esport play
8. Start saving to 5 gold and you can start your 1st trading run! Example trading item = aloha Chicken Pizza.
Player can buy some of the ingrediants at merchant npc and farm the other ingrediants. You can farm the pineapples at your garden. Pineapples takes 1 day to complete ripe.
crafting items give player exp and work rank.
You can, buy the ingreadiants from other players.
Trading run is bringing the items to the enemy territory and sell it with higher price.
There is pve trading and wvw trading.
5gold bunch of pizza can be sold 10gold in enemy territory.
Trading run is dangerous and the items might fall into enemy and player get killed by pirate and assassin.
trading run can be at sea and land.
Trading run in wvw give more gold.
9. Still an uplevel and want to try Wvw? Yes u can! join commander and if u lucky u can get free exp from capturing enemy towers, camp, keeps.
1 server can only has 100 players per map (2 map, the 2nd is naval battle, 200 player in 1 server) at the time. If more player, they will que the map.
10. After all the hardwork, dedication, blood, sweat and tears (No blueprint, best uplevel NA).You finally reach max level 99! Now what?
start working on your exotic equipment! Get to full exotic. Do wvw daily! kill world boss! gain gold!
11. So i get all exotic now what? 
So now u are stronger than ever. Fight for your server! Get more gold by getting ur server best place every week and getting a lot of gold reward.
12. Start leading your guild to the top! Try guild vs guild matchmaking! get lots of gold for placing the top!!
13. Now i have all the gold! what now!!!
Start crafting your own ascended equipment!! ascended later can be upgraded to legendary equipment! get more gold! kill enemy players! conquer territories!
Build mansion houses! get more land for farming! gain gold!! Bigger house give bigger buff!
14) They will be series of pvp tournament, gvg tournament, wvw tournament, 1v1 tournament from time to time. The champion will rewarded with legendary weapon.
15) Im too lazy with all this grinding, im a casual player.
Then pvp is for you! play a 30 min 10vs10 game. Where everyone is max level and same equipment level. only skills and teamwork matters!
Like dota 2, but with absent of levelup(all max level). You will have troops, and capture towers and destroy enemy base.
The reason is, adding level will imbalance the game and give no space for catching up as the winning player will become more powerful each time they win. This will make the game end earlier.
16) Lets take a look at the game classes.
1. Assassin - ninja class
2. Knight - cool knight
3. Sorceress - elemental magic
4. Sniper - gun user
5. Ranger - bow user
6. Priestess - holy magic
7. Paladin - tanker
8. Champion - best martial arts
9. Pirate - bad guy
10. Melody - musical magic
11. Alchemist - androids
12. Blacksmith - Weapon and armor specialist
13. Warlock - Undead magic and summoner
14. Sage - anti magic
15. Warrior - barbaric
16. Phantom - illusion
17. Witch - Black magic
18. Summoner - Have companion fight along side
Skills is not weapon lock. You can wear any desired weapon/cloth/wardrobe.
Role (dps, tanker, support) is not class lock. You can be assassin, but a tank, a support. 
This game will be mix of Ragnarok online, Guild War 2, Archeage, Kingdom Under Fire 2.

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Prontera??  Sounds like Ragnarok Online to me.  But MMORPG??  Everybody 'dreams' of making the next best MMORPG.  Truth is, that you need humongous funding and a massively competent team to get that done.


Unless you are one of those rare prodigies that can make something decent alone, like this person, naturally understanding the complexity of such a project:




While quite nice and complex, it is not anything near the complexity of WoW.  If you were this kind of person, you wouldn't be writing ideas here.  You would be sticking your nose in front of your favourite development tool making your MMORPG now.  ;)  


Just noticed that you were actually mentioning Ragnarok Online.  Prontera it was.


The sad thing about ideas, is that is just what they are.  Ideas.  They need to be 'implemented' somehow.

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Something I learned when making games, ideas might sound good on paper, or might sound bad on paper but once you actually put it into a game you cant really know. There have been many times where I thought an idea sounded bad, and after trying it out it was pretty good and same with the opposite.


Don't make a huge list of ideas that you want to put into a single game and then try to make the game exactly how you envision it. Instead, take one of your ideas, and try it out in a simple prototype. Make the prototype quickly. Don't create any fancy graphics for it and use whatever tool is fastest to try out that one idea. Use Unity, RPG maker, the starcraft II map editor, or even prototype your ideas using physical objects if possible. See what is good about the idea, and what isn't. Then try to fix what is broken and take what is good and make it better.


By doing more small prototypes you begin to learn what is fun and what isn't. Then start combining your ideas in interesting ways. After you have had some time experimenting, then you can start to think how all of this fits into a larger game. But, when you start to craft your game, you need to identify what the core mechanic will be and capitalize on that. If the most enjoyable part of your game is out battling monsters, players will not want to spend most of their time trading and crafting for better weapon stats. I'm not saying you can't include some of those elements, you just need to make sure the game keeps a definitive focus. The side quests should add to the gameplay, not detract from it.


I say this out of experience. I used to think that all it took for a game to be fun is a world to play in and stuff to do. It turns out that there is a lot more to it then that. I know this may not be what you want to hear but hold on to your dreams, even if it may take longer to get there.

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Looks like a long shot.  If you're going to build a game as complex as this, from the ground up, you'll need a lot of tools and experience.


From what I see here, the most interesting element you describe is the PvP matches.  If you could nail down the balance and mechanics needed to make that game mode work, and to make it stand out from similar games, you'd really be onto something.

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Its balanced between crafting, pve (killing monster) and pvp. Player actually can choose which method they want leveling up. Somehow the crafting can only give 50 levels (I like to make max level to be 99)


Yeah its just bunch of ideas (actually its my dream mmorpg that I really hoping someone might implemented this). This is all mix of ideas from all the mmorpg that i has played.


Too bad many of the mmorpg I played required a lot of grinding. So I try to imagine the mmorpg concept that is fun to play, has progression and required skills to win


For now I just need you guys opinion, do you think this concept of mmorpg is fun to play? what lacking. (ill edit my 1st post later for additional info)


I might try to make mmorpg that is 2.5d (like ragnarok) soon.

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Yeah its just bunch of ideas (actually its my dream mmorpg that I really hoping someone might implemented this). This is all mix of ideas from all the mmorpg that i has played.


I like that.  You know what kind of game you want to play but there isn't one around so you create one.  If you like playing that sort of game then there will be others who like playing it too.


I like your idea and unlike the other people, who tell you it can't be done, I say it can be done.  It is difficult but not impossible.  What you need to do is flesh out your ideas into a detailed design and start prototyping to see what works and what doesn't.  In my experience you can never know what it will look like until you are looking at it so don't think that your design is fixed.


Best of luck to you.

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Making an MMORPG? Read this. I mean, you ABSOLUTLY HAVE TO read this:



It will show you an inside view on exactly what to do. It's even helped me on my journey to make a non-mmorpg!

And here's another tip: When the book says to design every single aspect of the game before programming, it means it - don't learn it the hard way like me!!!!!


Anyways, about the grinding - often MMO's are designed to be grinded for one reason - to waste time. Players often assume MMORPG's are supposed to give them hundreds and hundreds of hours of game-play time. And they'd be right - nearly all of these games are forced to make players grind for this reason! So if you hate grinding, you'll need to think of another way for players to use up time! 


Good luck friend. You'll need it. ;)

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1. pve
2. pvp
3. wvw
4. crafting/work


May I suggest that you make a working prototype of each of these game modes/leveling options?  While I agree that an MMO is quite the daunting task for a first project (practically but not theoretically impossible), you can certainly implement chunks of the gameplay and eventually combine those components into a working model.


Take number one "pve" as an example.  You could certainly make a working prototype of your character and combat system.  If at the end of the process you have some primitive shapes that can engage in combat, use equipment, and level up, you have a GIANT WIN!  Sure, it won't look like your end goal, but that isn't the point.  You can worry about art assets later -- concern yourself with making the underlying ruleset work for PvE.


Then take the next step.  Implement a very simple PvP prototype using the above ruleset.  Simple -- as in a one-on-one battle.  There are many ways to do the networking depending on the tools you use, but the core idea is to build on the PvE prototype.  Spend time making this work, "feel", and resolve how you envision.  Don't worry about art! 


I don't know what number three stands for.


But four... crafting!  Follow a similar plan used in number one -- create a separate crafting prototype using what you learned previously.  Iterate, iterate, iterate!


If you can make four simple prototypes that outline the four major game tasks you describe, you'll be miles ahead of most new game developers.  You can then take what you learned and really have a chance on making a playable, enjoyable product.  This will take many months, even years.  It will be hard work with little glamor.  But it will teach you more than you can imagine!


Best of luck.

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So, first a little off-topic advices :
1. Formating. Making list is good and can help understanding, but one sentence by line?
2. Acronyme, not everyone know what you are talking about, either put a glossary at the top or don't use acronym.
3. Go straight to the point! Using a narrative form to tell a gameplay exemple from time to time is nice, but not everytime.

I will also assume that you are talking theoricaly and don't aim to actually make that game and just want to share some ideas you have. And so I will try to answer those the best I can.

Now, to the point. I will try to break down your mechanism. (the number doesn't correspond to yours, but follow your order)

1 . Work : I assume you go talk to a NPC and he give you money and experience in his working line once a day. What kind of work? Do you (the player) have anything to do? Does it force you to do nothing for the duration of the work? Is there a mini game?

The way you describe it I can't imagine it more than boring. Look at how the work works (lol -o-) in other game such as World Of Warcraft (of course), or Dofus and Wakfu, and nearly all other MMORPG out there.

2. Start your own business. I imagine that you can create a shop somewhere. And define what you want to produce and what are your prices? Else, what do you do when you start your own business? Is there not a risk that there is to many business open? Does all the shop will fit somewhere on the map? 

Seems not really possible. (technicaly and not technicaly)

3. Rent a house. You have to pay 10 silver (the maximum amount you can earn by working) each day for keeping the house? The economy is quite harsh ^^. Sleep, ok I see, that's what trigger the buff. Eat, dring, bath? What does those do?

And you can farm. 

4. Go PvE : Nothing new. There is 5 zones, and the last is shared. What prevent the player to go to other map than the shared one? If there is nothing, the shared doesn't mean anyhing, right?

Naval battle? The idea is cool, really, but do you realize all the work implied? Will the playe rbe able to build boat? To drive boats? Each player has a boat? Or there is only scripted boat who are like moving platform? Can boat fight each other? And so on on the technical questions.

Once again, it's a nice idea, I would love to be able to have naval battle in a MMORPG.

5. PvP : Nothing new. All the player are given the same equipment, you mean all the player who have not the required level (Terra has this system, which I understand allow low-level player to enjoy Pvp.)? If not, what the point in having experience and killing mob after mob to get equipment?

Joining quickly a game give less exp and money? Why?

6. Crafting: Nothing new.

7. Trading run : That's a good idea. I think you could make a game only on this idea. 

8. Commander : Once again it's a quite nice idea, but many question. Is there a limit on the number of commander? Is there a risk of having to many commander? If there is to commander, all the startegical point will be set as objective and thus lose their interest. And there is also a lot of technical difficulties.

9. You kill boss to have better equipment. Ok.
10. Fight for your server? How?
12. You can have GvG deathmatch. Ok.
13. More blahblah
14.  No offense, but it seems like a bunch of words that you find nice. There is no explaination on what are those class and what do they do, no mechanics.

A class does not determine your weapon or your role (and so your stats to assume these roles), so a class is just a name?


Cool knight? bad guy? best martial arts? android? barbaric? Seriously?


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