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OpenAL alGenBuffers

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why could I get a error on second run of:


    alGenBuffers(NUM_BUFFERS, Buffers);

    if(alGetError() != AL_NO_ERROR)
        return AL_FALSE;


It's a x-plane plugin which is ok but reloading the airplane or after loading another plane with a openal plugin returns AL_FALSE.

Why could such be?

Thanks in advance

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Now after following:

and creating another context it works but I get tons of:

before loading ENGINE_TURBOPROP_inn.wav, oal error=40961!
before loading STARTER_TURBOPROP_inn.wav, oal error=40961!
before loading PROPELLER_OF_AIRPLANE_inn.wav, oal error=40961!


in the log. All the time, at first loading, reload also for other planes that use OpenAL. Any ideas? I cannot find anything online and am tempted to ignore it as it works fine.


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