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Crying for help :) for exporting this mesh.

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I need to convert this mesh to .X.

I am using the kwxporter and max 2013 x64.

There is a physique modifier on top of the stack, over the editable mesh.

I tried to use the following options


1) export normals

2) no tangents


3) export materials

4) no textures


5) no skinning

6) with animation

7) use 3ds max ticks


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Maybe late.

You need to collapse the stack, it can only have the mesh the physiques and the uvw unwrap and if there is more then one material in the material editor it exports them all.

I move my mesh to a new sceen and just have it and select all and export selected only even the physiques mod.rolleyes.gif

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