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OpenGL Jagged Edges with Anti-Aliasing LWJGL

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I am using 

Display.create(new PixelFormat(0, 8, 0, 2));

to create anti-aliasing in my LWJGL project, and it is having an strange effect:

With PixelFormat:

[attachment=22182:Screenshot 2014-06-17 15.50.49.png]

Without PixelFormat:

[attachment=22183:Screenshot 2014-06-17 15.51.15.png]


Here is what I am using to init openGL:



gluPerspective(90f, (float)width / (float)height, 0.001f, 70f);
The cubes are rendered with the solid cube slightly smaller than a wireframe cube.

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new PixelFormat(0, 8, 0, 2)
*checks javadocs*


So you're trying to create a context with 0 bits for alpha, 8 bits for depth, 0 bits for stencil and 2 samples? 8 bits for depth is awfully low. Try with 24 bit for depth, 8 bit for stencil. Which is the standard setup.

gluPerspective(90f, (float)width / (float)height, 0.001f, 70f);
Your near plane is awfully small too. Try something higher, 0.5 or 1.0.

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