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Free and Open Source Game Maker

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ENIGMA is a free development environment geared towards game development.
* Free and Open Source GPLv3
* Cross platform and compiled using GCC/MinGW
* Easy to learn, and Game Maker compatible!
* It's a great way to get started with C++.
For more information visit http://www.enigma-dev.org
You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook and Indie DB.
4VzwDZ3.jpgLgm_ide_nimbus.png Edited by ENIGMA Team

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What platforms does this export for?  I wasn't able to find this information on the website, and I expect it's something just about any potential user would want to know!

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Our engine currently runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. We are still working on our OpenGL 3 compliant graphics system but once it is completed we can port it to GLES and there is potential for Android and other ports.

We are also currently working on our licensing, something that allows us to maintain control of the engine, while also allowing users to sell their games. Some have suggested the Mozilla Public License, you can partake in the discussion on our forums.

Most information is available on our wiki:

You can find documentation of the engine, the language spec, functions, etc.
http://enigma-dev.org/docs/Wiki/LateralGM Edited by ENIGMA Team

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