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Good experiences with shareware promotion companies?

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I did a bit of research on this during the summer. The results seemed something of a wash. No one was certain that the promotion they had paid for produced (or didn''t produce) a result.

Most of the services provided by "shareware promotion" companies focus on getting your product listed on the myriad of shareware pages and search engines on the Web. That''s something you can do yourself. Just a bit of time each day and post your product to a new page, or update your product on a page where you''re already listed.

Other kinds of marketing you''ll need to do yourself, anyway. After all, only you know it well enough, and truly care enough, to present the kind of message you want presented.

Check out the ASP (Association of Shareware Professionals, for a lot of free information about marketing your shareware.

"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, adn the trouble is, I don''t know which half." -- John Wanamaker

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