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International text input SDL2

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I use a program called Softario Typus to phonetically transiliterate text into Russian. 


Usually, when I type z ?nd then h into a native text field, I see ? and then it dissappears and a ? appears in its place. 

But in my SDL2 program I get everything indiscriminately. I get the resulting text ??. First is unicode #1079 then #1078 in SDL_TEXTINPUT. But SDL_TEXTEDITING doesn't get sent at all or just once in the very beginning. 

How does Typus work with the system and how can I make it work with SDL2? 

I also have some questions about inputting KCJ text.

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It's probably that the input layer between SDL and the OS runtime does not have the proper hooks for IM support, or else that particular IM does not use the hooks in exactly the right way.

Turns out IM support is rather difficult to get right and usually requires full and complete cooperation between the OS, the display manager, the application or toolkit, and the IM itself. There are a lot of possible points of failure.  Someone probably messed up.

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