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Hi, I have some suggestions for some odd things I saw.


I immediatelly noticed that the navigation bar is not consistent, you should try to make this 2 things:

- Make it look always the same: In "Home" the buttons are shorter than the other sections.

- Make the "hover" size equals to the normal size: When hovering the links with the mouse the button gets a little bigger with the borders added and the buttons at the right move some pixels. It looks weird.


For the image preview:

- Try to use images in the same aspect ratio that the rectangle, the images of Bubble Boy and Minecart Rush don't look good stretched.

- Maybe the game title can be also part of the <a> tag that has the image inside, I tried first to click there and later saw that the image was clickable. Text links are more commmon than image links.


For the "Development" section:

- The images (Unity logo, Corona Labs logo, etc) take too much width, the lists at the right are too compacted and hard to read.

- The white background on the logos don't look good with all the dark tone of the site. Maybe it's better to have all the logos with black or transparent background.

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Thanks so much DiegoSLTS for taking the time to provide this excellent feedback. I am adding everyone of your suggestions to a list of fixes for the site.  Not sure how long it will take me, but once I implement them I will post again.



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