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propose some lightning formula

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I was saying about the rasterizer i wrote, specificaly i would like to talk about lightning




I got some simple flat vertex shading there - i could combine colors and light positions but as far as i experimented this all gives strong plastic feeling (this is a doom for me) i got no idea how to overcome this


could maybe some propose something to improve the shading there, i suposse there are people here who know how to colorize things to look better


my current coloring formula is


   static float3 lightDir1=  {0.2, -1.6,  -1.7 }; 
   static float3 lightDir2 = {0.5, -0.7,  20.3 };
   static float3 lightDir3 = {-0.5,-0.3, -0.6 }; 
   static float3 lightDir4 = {-0.5, 1.3,  0.6 }; //+ normalize it
       lightColor1=  {.2, .4,  .25 };
       lightColor2 = {.45, .21,  .3 };
       lightColor3 = {.2, .4,  .3 };
       lightColor4 = {.21, .3,  .4 };
    float s1 = dot(normal, lightDir1);
    float s2 = dot(normal, lightDir2);
    float s3 = dot(normal, lightDir3);
    float s4 = dot(normal, lightDir4);
    if(s1<0) s1*=-1;
    if(s2<0) s2*=-1;
    if(s3<0) s3*=-1;
    if(s4<0) s4*=-1;
     r*= .1 + (s1*lightColor1.x + s2*lightColor2.x + s3*lightColor3.x+ s4*lightColor4.x);
     g*= .1 +(s1*lightColor1.y + s2*lightColor2.y + s3*lightColor3.y+ s4*lightColor4.y);
     b*= .1 + (s1*lightColor1.z + s2*lightColor2.z + s3*lightColor3.z+ s4*lightColor4.z);
 // + clipping 0 - 255
is there an option to make this lightning better - i mean more matt or more metalic or something - are there some easy tutorials how to improve lightning 
(with no such things as radiocity ofc this looks great but far to slow)
if someone would provide something i could run it right away and present the results

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You could:


- add specular hilites, shadow mapping

- look into physical based lighting models



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