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Beyond the Shadows

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Genre:[background=#fafafa] [title] is a hybrid co-op FPS/TPS borrowing elements from other genres like strategy, action, RPG, and some unique gameplay components.[/size][/background]

Platform: [background=#fafafa]Current development platform will be PC/Mac including variant OS’s like GNU/Linux. Console development will depend on market acceptance and revenue.[/size][/background]

High Concept:[background=#fafafa] [title] is a survival strategy, multiplayer FPS with several types of unique gameplay elements. The player will struggle against known and unknown aggressors, scarce resources, branching story paths, item durability, and the overarching storyline to discover the truth behind humanity’s decline.[/size][/background]

Backstory:[background=#fafafa] The history of the human race has been lost. It has been so long since the event that no one can recall how it began. Movement on the surface of the planet is heavily restricted due to the dwindling population and low birth statistics. What kind of god keeps us from procreation? These strange noises in the night, no one has seen where they come from. Groups of people leave and never return. If they do, it isn’t in one piece. And the headaches… they keep coming. Where do they come from?[/size][/background]

[background=#fafafa]The food is almost gone and people are starting to panic. The people outnumber the protectors and civil unrest is inevitable. You will need to venture out and find supplies to stave off starvation and dehydration as you search for a new place for people to settle. Traveling alone is not advised, so others must go with you.[/size][/background]

Target Audience: [background=#fafafa]This game is aiming for an ESRB T-M rating based on artistic design and subject matter such as violence, gore, and/or language. Final rating TBD, temporary rating is RP.[/size][/background]

Player Motivation:[background=#fafafa] The player(s) will navigate the world during day or night to collect resources and against aggressive AI. There will be several main line and side line NPC’s that will aid the player(s) and/or provide items essential to the completion of the game. Various discoverable plot related items will also be obtainable by searching the environment. Completion of the game will depend on which alliance the player(s) have made to further themselves in the story and is mostly task and alliance driven. DLC’s are also being discussed for plot and perks.[/size][/background]

Features:[background=#fafafa] The game will use a structured open world with defined story branches which affect the allegiance of the player or group. Players will make use of a crafting system for items and weapons that will primarily be constructed by scavenging for resources. There will also be an Achievement system for various types of tasks or feats.[/size][/background]

Goals:[background=#fafafa] Players will be able to use real world related tactics to survive against difficult odds. They will also be able to utilize teamwork with NPC’s and other players to complete obstacles and missions required to complete the game. It is meant to engage and immerse the player in a life or death struggle to build and survive at all costs.[/size][/background]
We need your feedback! Please email or skype me.
Skype: [DELETED BY MOD] Edited by Tom Sloper

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We need your feedback! Please email or skype me.

If the real purpose of your post is to get feedback, you'll get your feedback here on this forum. Forums exist so that discussion can take place on them - not so people can post something to obtain feedback by other means. This is an interactive discussion forum, not a "contact me" bulletin board.

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