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Planning to build an audio-driven game

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Hi everybody,


I'm a student studying digital music, just about to move into my final year. My plan is to create an audio-driven game of some kind as my final project, with a view to working in the games industry sometime post-graduation. My main issue at the moment is what tools to use, and planning my learning for the next 8 to 12 months. I have a basic understanding of a few game dev tools, e.g Unity, Wwise, Fmod. I also have a little experience with Java. I'm quite flexible about what form the game will take, any decision I make with development is inevitably going to be influenced by the ~1 year time constraint I have. So I'd love a little advice.


Games such as Audiosurf must use some pretty complex audio analysis to build the game world. Are there any tools that allow you to do this kind of raw audio-to-game world translation, even in a rudimentary fashion? Or is it all code-based? 





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