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BitmapFont: explanation for all parameters

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it's been a while now that I've created my own .fnt parser and merge-tool that combines two fonts together.


Now I want to make my own .fnt files for custom bitmaps (with my smileys).

And I also want to merge the content of two .png files containing some glyphs.


But to achieve my goal, I must fully understand the content of the two header-lines in .fnt files.

Is there a short (ore detailed, I prefer detailed) overview of what all those parameters mean? Here's my header:

info face="Batang" size=-24 bold=0 italic=0 charset="" unicode=1 stretchH=100 smooth=1 aa=1 padding=0,0,0,0 spacing=1,0 outline=3
common lineHeight=24 base=21 scaleW=4096 scaleH=4096 pages=1 packed=0 alphaChnl=1 redChnl=0 greenChnl=0 blueChnl=0

Thanks for sharing any easy-access-information (I know, there is a source code around somewhere now too).


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