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Luabind and Entity/Components

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  1. Hi guys

    I have managed to cast my class into lua and that seems to work fine, however, i want to cast it back to a c++ class?

    now i thought i could do the following from a luabind:redface.gifbject

    void cEntityManager::addEntity(luabind::object const& ent)
    cEntity *thisEnt = luabind::object_cast<cEntity*>(ent);
    but it seems that doesnt work?

    tbh im not sure if this is what i want anyway. i wanted to create an entity component system where i could create new components and new entities in lua and have my engine process and run them. however im finding it difficult to find good examples of it.

    should i just be storing luabind objects(derived from class entity) instead of c++ class entities and have the engine process the objects as lua? is there a way i could typecast the object back to a c++ class while still maintaining the lua overrides?

    any help on this would be greatly appreciated, I have read a lot on this topic and i think my brain is overburdened with too many conflicting ideas and concepts

    Kind regards

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