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Noob question on hashmaps

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I'm currently programming a system where a series of AI-governed units have to make an assessment of what their best target to attack is.

They are looking at a hashmap that contains all AI units and check if these are hostile towards them.

The problem I'm faced with is that I also have a 'player' which is a different class that I would like to be listed in there, but quite unsurprisingly, the hashmap is typed and won't allow for my player class to be included.


My best solution so far is to make two standalone checks (one with the hashmap, and a single one with the player) but I'm assuming there must be an easier way (perhaps an untyped hashmap?).


Any way to solve this easily without having to rebuild a matrix that contains data that is similar between AIs and the player?



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I thought about this actually.
Started looking into interfaces a few weeks ago actually (never used them yet).
I will try it thanks!

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