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Character Attribute Formulas

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Twisttid    92

So, i'm making an MMORPG but I'm having trouble on the formulas on how each thing works, for an example with Strength I want to create a formula on how much damage is given depending on:


- Character Strength

- Weapon Power

- Target's Defence


Does anyone know somewhere I can get a detailed walkthrough on working these things out?

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Buckeye    10747

You're getting no responses (probably) because you're asking for a reference to a detailed walkthrough that probably doesn't exist, as your subject is very specific and is relatively simple mathwise. A better approach for general topic posting in future is to describe a problem (as you have) and ask for any help, not necessarily a reference.


That said, approaches could be to:


1. add the attributes and use the sum.

2. multiply the attributes and use the product.

3. multiply each attribute by some factor and sum the results of those products.


Perhaps you can provide some additional information if one of those approaches doesn't fit the situation.

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Tutorial Doctor    2573
If strength of a character is given a value 3, and weapon power is given a strength of -4 (negative because it subtracts power) then the resulting power of the character after the weapon hits it is -1.

Now say the character had a shield that has a +4 defense. This now gives the character +7 power. So when the weapon hits, the character is still at +3.

You could classify a strength of +3 as normal. Any strength greater is seen as extra defense.

Strength of zero is seen as dead or incapacitated. Negative strength can be whatever you desire.

That is a basic system/formula. You could also use factors as Buckeye suggested.

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