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backpropagation per interacting object idea

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ok, if you manage to pull objects apart of your 3d depth eye. (which cant be that hard alot of the time)
any identified object, can have a backpropagation of its relative values of its sorrounding environment, to its movement.
that way you can now 'pretend' your other things.
then you can randomize a calculus transform of relative variables to the environment again to the motor outputs of the creature...  and if you can pretend what the other things do, you can simulate as fast as you want and develop a real physical solution to the problem its having with other moving objects.
you can supply more and more power, to the randomizer, i dont know how good random can develop successful behaviour... depends on how you score it definitely.

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ive just drawn up my maths parts, and im just about to go detect a function.  ill come back with my preliminary results.  im not sure about anything.



heres my 12 parts, am i missing anything?


#define PART_CLAMP      0    //this is my deactivation switch, required for multistate in a single numerical pipe.
//exponents and bases
#define PART_POWER      1    //2 inputs 
#define PART_EXP        2    //2 inputs   - this is discovering the exponent of a given base.
#define PART_BASE       3    //2 inputs  - this is discovering the base of a given exponent.
//4 preschool arithmetic
#define PART_SCALE      4   
#define PART_BIAS       5  
#define PART_POLARITY   6    //swap pole.
#define PART_INVERT     7    //swap division bar.
//4 specialist vector scalars   (direct x  opengl stuff)
#define PART_DOT        8   
#define PART_CROSS      9
#define PART_NORMALIZE  10
#define PART_MAGNITUDE  11 
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