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Alex Garton

Translating a mesh in real-time. And engine to use?

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Hey everyone,


I'm new here so possibly this belongs in the beginner section (feel free to move it mods).


Tldr;  Your suggestions on the best engine for a game featuring real-time mesh placement, transformation and rotation, as well as basic placeable AI and regenerating Navmeshing (or something that'll do the job just as well).  All links, comments and suggestions welcome.


Bonus Info:
I'm a Game Art student approaching my final year project and I want to get the best start over summer that I can. I'm looking at creating a demonstration of a game which has the following components:


I.    A menu which displays a number of meshes.

II.   The ability to select said meshes from the menu and have the mesh appear in the game world.

III.  The ability to select and deselect individual meshes that have been placed, and once selected rotate and transform them by use of the keyboard.

IV. The ability to choose basic AI bots from the menu and place them in-game.

V.  The game world must be able to regenerate the navmesh (or engine equivalent).


If you've played the Halo series' 'Forge-mode' you'll have an idea of the experience I'm trying to re-create.


My experience:

I have very little experience beyond very basic coding.  At this point in time I can just about flick a light switch on and off.  However I have worked extensively with UDK's Kismet system and Bethesda's various Creation Kits, so I'm not completely oblivious to programming.


Any suggestions on where best to begin, which engine/language to use or any links to further reading would be much appreciated! smile.png

Thanks for your time,


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You can look up several topics on finding a 3d engine that suits your needs.
Besides this, a few personal remarks:
- looking at your goal and current (coding) skills, I'd go for an engine that is primarily easy to use, includes gui options etc. To prevent that your specialism (art) doesn't get affected to much brcause all the time you have to spend learning things you're not aiming for :)

Maybe Unity can do the trick, I believe it's "friendly" for less experienced programmers.

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Thanks for the reply Cozzie, you mirrored exactly what I was thinking; I do want to learn more programming but I don't want to be overwhelmed with an insurmountable task. I'll look into Unity like you suggested and update with findings. Thanks :)

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The free version of Unity does not include direct support for dynamic navigation meshes, but the pro version does. You can still create your own in the free version, but it is not a trivial task.

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