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STOB markup language

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let me introduce another markup language I came up with for my projects. I called it STOB. I tried to keep language as simple as possible but not for the price of its power.

The document in STOB is essentially a tree of "strings", i.e. string can have child strings etc.

Here is sample snippet:

"String object"
"String with children"{
    "child 1"
    "child three"{
        "Subchild two"

        Property1 {Value1}
        "Property two" {"Value 2"}

        /* multi-line
           comment */


        "Escape sequences \" \n \r \t \\"

I know about existing stuff like XML, JSON, YAML etc.

I would say YAML is the closest one, but still more complicated.


But let me list some pros and cons as I see them:



 - human readable

 - uses curly braces

 - does not use indentation for scopes, it allows save space for not-formatted documents

 - less commas, double quotes, colons, square brackets

 - C/C++ style comments

 - C/C++ style escape sequences



 - hard to come up with convenient markup rules to markup text, like bold italic etc.


Website with spec: http://stobml.org

C++ parser library: http://stob.googlecode.com

Java parser library: http://stob-java.googlecode.com

C# parser library: http://stob-cs.googlecode.com


I made this post to tell about my language in hope it will be useful to someone. But any feedback and critics are welcomed.

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