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OpenGL Looking to start 3D programming

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Hey, I've been working for a while in C++ with Allegro5 and I was hoping to take a little breather from the 2D realm and get my feet wet in 3D, but I want to do it through open source coding, so I was looking at learning OpenGL with C++, but I can't find any OpenGL learning resources that are newer than 2001-2004. Is this a bit of a problem or has OpenGL become that stable?


Does anyone know a good resource to learn OpenGL for absolute newbs? I mean DLing the files needed, to writing your own code.






I've found a good video series on YouTube to help me get started with the API. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2E88A9FE78FBF3B8


I'll just be using these unless I come across something better, but if there are any tips or suggestions you would like to share, please leave a reply, thank you.

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Hey Zephemus.


It is indeed difficult nowadays to find good (complete) OpenGL resources that are actually up-to-date and use OpenGL's modern approach. I know of a few decent tutorials though that might point you in the right direction:


  • http://www.open.gl : A very good tutorial website for beginners. Neatly discusses the core aspects of OpenGL in an easy-to-understand fashion with code samples provided. This is a resource I can definitely suggest for beginners. Do note that the site only covers beginning aspects of OpenGL, it is not a complete OpenGL tutorial.
  • http://www.arcsynthesis.org/gltut/index.html : This is a tutorial that delves a bit deeper into the background of OpenGL and is therefore a bit harder to understand for beginners; also delves a bit deeper into the mathematics behind graphics programming. However, it is a great resource that discusses almost all aspects of OpenGL. 
  • http://antongerdelan.net/opengl/ : Also a good tutorial aimed at beginners that discusses most interesting topics of OpenGL. However, the site is currently down for a few days, but worth checking out once the content is back up.
  • http://www.learnopengl.com : A bit of shameless self promotion here. I'm currently working on a large OpenGL tutorial resource site that explains all modern OpenGL's concepts in an easy-to-understand fashion for beginners while providing clear code samples. The site follows the structure of http://www.open.gl and expands upon that. It is a work in progress that I recently launched that tries to explain every step possible where necessery. Also might be worth checking out.

I hope this list should give you some interesting reading materials. Note that all resources mentioned teach modern OpenGL. Good luck with learning OpenGL; it's definitely a fun experience.



By the way, I've been quickly looking at the youtube tutorials you linked. They are actually teaching you the old way of programming in OpenGL which is deprecated in current OpenGL versions and less flexible than modern OpenGL. I suggest to look at tutorials that specifically teach Modern OpenGL. Yes, it's a bit harder to start in, but it's worth the effort and gives you a greater understanding of graphics programming at the same time.

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