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Feedback on VR project?

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Hey all. I couldn't find a more appropriate category for this post. Sorry if this is the wrong category for this.


I'm working for a start-up called HeroX that is putting together a crowd-sourced challenge proposal for a VR piano. The primary purpose would be to increase music literacy, but I could certainly see a few commercial applications resulting from it as well, such as the high-end VR version of Rock Band that I'm imagining right now.

Here's the challenge I'm talking about:


It's currently in the design phase and we're welcoming comments and suggestions from experts in tech and music. I suspect there's probably a few of you here who have exactly the sort of perspective this proposal needs.


Once it gets finalized and the criteria are established, we'll be looking to build a $1M prize purse for it.


Any advice or direction you have would be most welcome. Or if you know someone whose alley this is up, please share it with them. Or if there's a resource you think we should be aware of, please let me know.




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I believe it's a nice idea with potential (didn't look up if there are already similar concepts though).
A few remars/ ideas:
- 1M $ sounds quite high, maybe you can do it iterative
- it might be an idea to reach out to music universities first and see what the reactions are
- maybe you can do some sort off pre-order "kickstart", that will also show the commitment of possible users
- the idea itself is still a bit vague on execution, maybe you specify your thoughts on that on the site and when going crowd funding

Good luck

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