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Only If - First Person Puzzle Adventure Game [+Download link]

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From the child that brought you disappointment at school,

comes a game that defies the logic of "What you see is what you get"




Examples such as the environment changing when not looking, falling to your death would actually save you, giving empathy to inanimate objects, and a few more concepts that were played about.


A story about your typical Millennial person who was luckily invited to his love interest's party. He then wakes up on the next day to an altered reality to solve puzzles and riddles with the help of a shouting madman.


Screen Shots:


















Teaser Trailer:





Download The Game:


You can Download here: http://gamejolt.com/games/puzzle/only-if/19230/


There are a few things left to fix up & add, but most of the game is already released to the public on Game Jolt.

The complete & final version will be on Steam sometime in July. <- the big boom.


The final version will include english subtitles, trophies & more gameplay.

This game is completely for free.




Development details:

  • The game's was developed by a single person & has been in development for 8 months now and counting.
  • This is my first considerably big game & was developed on the Unity4 Engine.
  • There were several Assets that i bought from the Asset Store that made my work flow much faster & efficient.

The Graphics & First Person Controller were assets that were being sold on the store. Also i couldn't code for the life of me but Hutong's Playmaker, a visual coding tool for designers that helps ill-logical kids like me do what we think we can't do, code a game! http://www.hutonggames.com/

(coders tend to use it as well as it helps do actions quickly.)


Majorly, I Coded, Animated, Wrote the game. I also voiced the main character while my best friend did the "antagonist".


If you've got any questions, please ask ahead!


I hope this game is of interest to you!

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