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Cool Gun Ideas!?

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Hello, I am making some cool guns for a funny zombie game.

One gun is a piranhas Gun where you fire a horde of piranhas at your tarets and they shred them to pieces.

Another is a singularity gun, where you fire a grenade like canister that implodes on impact sucking everything in it's radius into a black hole!

Another gun is a mini nuke gun! Yay!

Anyways these are my only ideas ao far and i was wondering if some of you creative gamers out there could give me some ideas. Thanks!

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The swimmer - Creates a tiny pool of water from which a giant sea monster jumps out and bites the head off of your enemies.


The fertilizer - Makes zombies instantly decompose into a pile of earth on which flowers grow.

The fertilizer mk2 - Same but grows a large flesh eating plant.


The alien - Makes the zombie pregnant with one of those creatues from the alien films (not an exact copy though) which then jumps out and starts to attack everything in its path (including you)


The sub-zero - Freezes your enemies into ice statues which can easily be shattered by blunt force.

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I know it's sort of simple, but a saw blade gun, or a continuous laser beam.  Something that lets me just sever zombie limbs left and right would be fun.


Microwave beam gun, it makes zombies heat up, expand, and then explode, like good old Dig Dug.


Anvil Launcher.  Launches large anvils, either in an arc or just straight.  Just something heavy to make zombies ragdoll around.

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Giant hand gun, hold your hand in front of the webcam in any position, load the giant hand and fire the giant hand at the enemies. Oh and win.


Ball gag launcher, aim for the mouth, pull the trigger and put a leash on that zombie because you just got a new pet!


Burlap sack-er, its a heavy burlap sack you put the zombie in and tie up, spose its not a gun per say but lets be honest he's not going anywhere any time soon.


Burlap sack launcher, just what you need when you have a burlap sack-er.


Brains laser light, not a perfect way to ditch the hord of biters following you but a small group of zombies trying to catch the picture of a brain your shining on the wall is pretty darn cute (caution, may attract cats).



As seen on TV!, a magazine taped around your forearm and a screwdriver.


Gandalf's go to, whisper to a moth and giant eagles carry away the zombies


Miles O'Brian and a bunch of metal poles, press your communicator and a metal pole is transported into the zombie


Zombie head launcher, a wasted zombie head is a waste


Dog ball launcher with hand grenades, I use this thing almost every day with my dog and I'm really good with it and it goes really far, trust me


Return of the Ewoks horn, these furry little bastards don't just take down trained imperial troops


My spaceship, I could use it to leave Earth and forget this horde of flesh eating zombies but instead it will be doing a strafing run, uh thank you



Some of these might be really expensive but oh so worth it!

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