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SDL Audio - Volume proportional

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  I want the sound to have more audible difference:

                    if (veN1 >= 65){
                    alListenerf(AL_GAIN, (veN1/100)*2);
                    } else{
                        alListenerf(AL_GAIN, (veN1/100)*0.5);

Is not nicely linear. Any idea on how to improve the above? veN1 only goes from 50 to 80.

Many thanks

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Your problem occurs because humans don't perceive sound linearly.



float lin_volume = (float)(veN-50) / 30.f;
alListenerf( AL_GAIN, powf(lin_volume, exp) );

where "exp" try E or some other value (>0.0f) that sounds better to you.

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PS: never mind after changing sound format all is fine.




Works fine but one more thing. I want to fade out sound with distance. I've tried alike but I don't understand powf:

                    float lin_volume = (float)(veN1-50) / 30.f;
                    if (disZ <= 8){
                    alListenerf( AL_GAIN, powf(lin_volume, 0.7) );
                    alListenerf( AL_GAIN, lin_volume-((disX+disY+disZ/3)/100) );


disY etc is distance in x, y and z. So sound should fade out from ca. 8 till 20. But with the above I get weird results while cycling around the source.

Thanks again

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