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An good game engines for 3rd person shooter

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What the title says, I am pretty new i know a little of HTML code, but i want to be able to create a game that I am able to edit character them taking clothes off, moving it by hand, fixing there hair, able to shoot there guns, kinda like APB Reloaded style, but mostly about the customizations. I was hoping I would find an engine that is able to be capable of doing this kind of stuff, I have all my ideas set and written in a book.


Mostly what I am looking for is;


-Realistic freedom of motion of doing anything to your char

-Being able to take your clothes off and drop them on the floor while seeing your character do it.

-Having to be able to create a map.

-Tall buildings and being able to open doors to some of them.

-The ability to set up missions/objectives to the players liking of choice but not forced.

-Also the ability to customize clothing to there liking and placement ie. able to cut it, draw, place already made items on the clothes, etc.

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I know someone will probably point you in the direction of Unity 3D, Panda 3D, or (gods help you), Ogre 3D


 Regardless of what you pick, you will have to learn how to program more than simple HTML.

Depending on what engine you choose, you will have to learn Python, Lua, Ruby, or C#


 You may also want to scale your project back -  start off with basic projects, and move up slowly to more complex ones as you learn.

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If you don't have experience with programming, maybe it would be better to start with making a mod for a game. Check maybe Garry's Mod (

Next steps could be what Shippou suggested, but to be honest they may be a long way ahead for you...

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