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Looking to build a team for a sci-fi third person shooter.

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So today I've came here to reach out to more people, and make them aware of a very ambitious project in a early concept phase. For me it is more of a passion project, and I have just come into realization of how big in scale this game is going to be, but I believe with enough manpower it is possible. If you want an introduction to what it is you can check this link out really quick Otherwise, I'm going to get down to the core of what it is here. It is also nice to mention that currently I am in a team of four, I am the writer/conceptual (I also plan to help in some modeling and animation), Anthony is the co-writer, Jake is the sound engineer, and Micheal is the Artist and 3D modeler.


The Story

So, like I said Inhuman is turning out to be a big game. I'm going to start with more of the story first with that being said. If you read the steam discussion you read about soldiers called the bioplex and mecha. Well, these new soldiers came about in response to a superhuman revolt 70 years before the game takes place. They were intended to be the future symbol of protection from anything that poised a threat to the safety of all humans, and even superhumans. By the time 2096 comes around a war breaks out between nations over the illegal presence of the technology within civilian areas. You step in the shoes of SS squadron: proposition, a clandestine elite team team of bioplexes and Mechas who's purpose is to resolve all of these international problems. The path they take isn't set in stone, there is more to their conception than they know, and even some of the lower ranking officials that command them know. The players choice to continue through the game as part of the governments pawns, or  become a "rouge squadron" that defy their leaders shaping their own paths, and history is completely up to them.



The Gameplay:

This is when you begin to see the size of this game. You will see the pieces of the mechanics are kind of inspired by these four games: Battlefield, Anarchy Reigns, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age. Before you mention "WHOA THOSE GAMES ARE BIG!", let me break it down. In single player (There is multiplayer, but I think I should save that explanation for later) each map will be roughly the same size, or larger than a battlefield map, in these areas a player would be able to tackle objectives any way they want in a fully open environment. So that means when they arrive at a location, they can choose to approach the primary object at any angle, and the secondary ones too. The difference in what these type of missions are in this game then they are in others is that every mission effects some kind of outcome in the games story. A player will be encouraged to complete an object based on what seems like the best choice at that time.


Which mean that a secondary mission could become the primary, no path in the map is made linear, and you would gain rewards tailored to what objective you choose to do. This plays in to the kind of territorial aspect of the game, and where the Mass Effect like mechanics comes into play. Every map will be frequently visited when ever a player sees that it is necessary, and will procedurally change based on what is happening to that location as an effect of the war. Unlike Mass Effect the story takes place only on Earth for the most part, but a variety of locations can be visited all over the globe. Also, There will be some kind of territorial/morality system implemented into the game. As for how a Dragon Age type mechanic works in the game, all members of proposition will be playable, this allows a player to experience things differently from others, as they all have different attributes, and uses. Now, how does Anarchy Reigns come into play in all of this? I'll explain in the combat mechanics below.


The Gameplay (Combat):

There is show much to talk about here that typing it would be too much read, and to just type. If you want to go that deep, we can talk in google hangout, or skype, and I can explain much more there. So, I'm going to run through the basics here. Now I mentioned how I was going to use some kind of mechanic similar to that of Anarchy Reigns. It all ties into the detailed melee system I want to include in the game. For starters, there will be customization for each character, tailored to their respective soldier and class types. Instead of using just a primary and secondary that most games use, there is going to be a third choice, a melee weapon. The point here is to build a system that no matter what situation you encounter, you feel in tuned with the character. The choice of weapons here will try to stray from cliche, for example ideas we've thrown around are things like, Electrically supercharged steel swords, and simple choices like knives, and even just the plain old hands and feet combo, and even though some of those aren't the best to prevent cliche, it is a start. Another thing is the environmental interaction, this game should be very contextual, so I you see something that would be a nice improvised weapon of choice you can use it. You see a civilian vehicle that is that could be used for protection, you can flip it over, and use it as mobile cover, or if the character is strong enough chuck it towards the oppose. This is all tied to that satisfying. Navigation is a  big thing in games, I don't like it when your character feels stiff, or you can't jump of this, so freerunning is at the core of how you move in the game. Whether that be a length to jump across, an object to get over or vertically scale you can do it. So for example, you see a building that would give you a good sniping advantage, or help you get the drop on the enemy in general, you can equip an item that would allow you to scale that building.


Lastly, I did want to include a little detail that is pretty deep, and it is only because of how important to the core game. Many people come have experienced in a game when you get shot in the leg a couple times, and you just die. The thing about those games is that they are made to be fast, and skills like twitch reflexes are greatly needed. Now I'm not saying I'm scraping the funny of reacting fast at all, but a limb based system will be in play in the game. So typically you can already expect that there won't be a way to regenerate the character, its not completely doing away with regeneration, but that is bound to be an ability, or something acquired. Also, getting shot in your leg enough will not cause you to die, you will loose mobility, causing you to limp, and eventually bleed out and die if not remedied. The last thing I will mention is the shield system, I'm not going to go to in depth with it here, but there is also primary shielding, and secondary shielding. All secondary is optional, but everyone uses a primary shield, that is actually within the character through nanotechnology, which explains why death isn't immediate after a hit to a vital organ if secondary shields are down, or not present at all. 



To Close this out I would like to say that I have plenty more to share. I would post files here, but I have everything synced in google chrome, so If you are interested, just shoot me an email and I'll share everything we have so far. As I said before though, the rest is just too detailed to write here, and I don't want you to exhaust your eyes. So the point being here is that you see Inhuman's scale, and the premise is very promising, but a team of four would take, at the minimum, 3 or 4 years to complete this challenge, and we still need a programmer at least to start anything. However, I know there are talented people out there who would be willing to lend their talents to an idea that could be so successful. I just have to find them.




... and thanks again for showing interest in this!

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This topic is 1269 days old which is more than the 365 day threshold we allow for new replies. Please post a new topic.

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