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BONETOWN - The Power of Death

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Hi to everyone, I have a game that I've made to present to you: 
An epic fantasy-adventure game where you can explore and do everything you want. Build, craft, search, steal... and fight for your liberty!
The apocalypse has arrived. 
The ancient writings were clear: "the monsters and the dark forces of all kinds and forms will come to Earth to fight our disobedience to the gods. 
We'll be destroyed in a pool of blood, and from that blood we will restart all over again." 
This ancient book, hidden somewhere in this world, also speaks of a salvation, a hero to be precise, that will come through the skies and with a powerful spell will ship the darkness into the oblivion. 
When I heard of this, I realized that I was in some way involved. 
The people believed that I was not a true warrior, but just a little boy. Well, they were wrong. 
When I was a child my parents tried to keep a part of me hidden, perhaps out of fear or maybe just to protect me. 
When I grew up I realized what I had in my hands, or rather what I had inside of me. 
People call it 'the power of death'. 
Sorcerers say that this.. thing.. is the soul of a monster, Agurah, and it's holed up inside me waiting for the day that I will bring her home. 
I don't know if it's a true story or not, but I have to start this journey to discover this mistery and save my people. 
Let's talk about the game...
Bonetown - the Power of Death, will be an adventure you will not forget easily. 
With its gigantic fully explorable world, houses, castles, dungeons, lakes, mountains, snow-covered lands, etc. .. will keep you glued to the screen for hours! 
The game consists of a main story with an original storyline, all decorated with a large number of secondary quests and missions of automatically generated an indefinite number of times. 

What has been done so far?

  • the main storyline is 100% completed 
  • I'm currently working on the secondary missions, making them as good and deep as possible. 
  • infinite missions generator 
  • chests and doors can be picklocked 
  • more than 70 different common objects can be picked up (100 is the goal) 
  • more than 50 different equipment object (like armors, shields, boots, gauntlets, helmets) 
  • 38 blades (included axes, maces, swords, knifes, arches) 
  • more or less 30 books can be read (100 is the goal), half of these books can help the player during the story. 
  • trading system 
  • forge and craft system, with a lot of different materials (like gold, silver, copper, iron, steel, crystals, stones, gems, etc..) 
  • stealing/sneaking and city guards system 
  • 29 different types of enemies 
  • more than 40 different maps (including all the dungeons and the interiors, 200 is the goal) 
  • different magic powers 
  • possibility to have an alliance or just a friend for your adventure 
  • different animals depending on the climate and a lot of different types of food that can be eaten 
  • more than 40 different potions 
  • possibility to switch the camera in first/third person 
  • possibility to take control of the mind of your enemies 
  • possibility to swim 
  • talk with npcs 
  • GUI: radar, inventory, map, pause menu (with missions list, settings, and options) 
  • save/load world 
  • puzzles and unlock mechanisms

What will be added? 

  • possibility to have a pet 
  • mod list to change the looks of the game 
  • possibility to go underwater 
  • more secondary stories about the people 
  • more villages and towns 
  • If you have other ideas please let me know and leave a comment!
If you have other ideas please let me know and leave a comment!
Oh, and if you like it don't forget to support me at:

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