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Introducing Necromaton - Co-op Point and Click Shooter

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Hi there!


Throughout my life, I’ve been a huge fan of cooperative games.  In my mind, there’s nothing better than sitting down with friends and struggling through a difficult level.  My favorite co-op games are the ones that are fast paced and exciting, while also being intellectually stimulating enough to require good teamwork and coordination.  Because of this, I’ve created the game Necromaton.  For more information, a trailer, and downloads, check out the website www.necromaton.com .


Necromaton is a cooperative birds-eye view shooter game.  It features a point-and-click control system that can be configured to be similar either to Starcraft or to Diablo.  Necromaton also features an RPG-like leveling system in which kills grant experience.    Experience likewise allows the players to unlock various skills such as the Frag Grenade or Stim Pack.  However, the monsters get stronger with time, and so it is very important for the players to complete the level’s objectives before they get overwhelmed.


If this project interests you, I’d love to hear back!  The project is young, and your input will definitely help guide the project as it matures.  The best way to contact me is through the forum I’ve set up at www.necromaton.com/forum .  I’ll be quicker to respond on the Necromaton forum.  The Necromaton forum may appear sparse and inactive during the early days… so let’s fill it up with some posts!  I look forward to meeting you!


And for a longer more complete version of the announcement, check out the blog at www.necromaton.com/blog .


Thanks again, and enjoy!


PS. Spread the word!  Necromaton is most fun when played as co-op.



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Hi there! I'm happy to announce the release of version 0.101.  For a more detailed changelog, check out the Forum Post.
This patch contains three main features:
1. Necromaton has been optimized for web player streaming. Check it out!  Through the black magic of compression, I've reduced the total file size down from 250MB to 80MB.  In addition, I've set the web player to stream the game.  This means that you can start playing rather soon, but the rest of the maps will download after you've started playing.  There are even more advanced and clever streaming techniques I wish to implement, but unfortunately, I'll have to wait until I can afford Unity Pro.  One final note: I'd recommend using full screen, since the performance is way better.
2. Necromaton has been ported to Linux.  I tested the port on my friend's machine and it seems to work fairly well.  Some of the models didn't import correctly (rockets and auto turrets to name a few) but the graphics errors aren't game breaking.  My friend also has a non-standard Linux distribution, so maybe a more conventional distribution may actually work better.
3. Added chosen active skill Boost Conversion.  Boost Conversion has finally been tested and added.  You can selected it in the lobby menu.  This skill boosts your shields, making you practically invulnerable.  It also makes you immune to crowd control effects.  However, it only lasts one second and has a 30 second cooldown.  It's best used to absorb a single high damage hit from a boss. Well, that's everything for now!
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, I'd be happy to hear.  You can best reach me through my website's forums: www.necromaton.com/forum
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