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Unity Choosing between Three.js/Babylon.js vs Voxel.js for a voxel game

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I'm planning on making a Minecraft-like game for browsers. Not a game per se, I basically want to have an easy-to-use environment in my browser for creative object modelling, so that I can build anything in it..just like Minecraft's Creative mode of play. 


But I'm confused between using Three.js or Voxel.js for this project. 


Three.js/Babylon.js Pros:

1. Widely used free engines for 3d web games.

2. Good documentation and community support available (because it is widely used)


No cons


Voxel.js Pros:

1. it says it is specifically made for voxel games like Minecraft for browsers.

(this is the main reason what attracted me to this engine, but I wonder what it offers that Three.js can't)


Voxel.js Cons:

1. Not fully developed.

2. Not much in the form of community support or documentation.

3. There are reports of hard-to-use by developers


My questions:

1. Since I want to make a voxel game, will Three.js be an overkill, since it is a very generic 3d engine?

2. Will voxel.js actually help me in ways that Three.js simply cannot?


I think I can use Three.js to achieve my goal, since it's generic. But will I miss out on something if I choose not to use voxel.js ? 

I've not worked on voxel games, so I don't have a clear idea.


Thanks for your inputs!

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I would be more inclined to use voxel, just because has most of the feature I want implemented and lets me focus on the more interesting game ideas. It does seem limited though, so you probably wont end up with a very good looking game plus the collision detection seems buggy, so you might have to do a bit of work inside the engine to make it work for you.

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