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Dead Princess

[Free Android Game] Micro Invade

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Hello everyone, you may call me Dead Princess and I have just started with becoming a game developer.


I plan to eventually develop long, deep experiences for computers or maybe consoles but as I am currently in high school and still can't put my entire time into programming I started developing mobile apps to have something with my name on it, to get people to know me.


It took me a while to move on from making small games with C++ for PC to making small games with Java for android devices but after some weeks I have finally gotten used to it.


So here I am now trying to get you to at least try my game "Micro Invade".


If you could try my game and maybe show the link to friends if you find it enjoyable I would really appreciate it. Up until now just some of my personal friends have downloaded my games so I would really like it if someone else from somewhere else would also play it and spread it around.


If you are willing to give my game some of your time then I am very thankful for it.

And if you look at the link provided below is my other game, if you could play that one too even better. That game was the first one I ever created for the android platform so it may look weird but at least it works.


Feedback and any type of commentary will be really appreciated!


Game's description :

In this game you are a micro organism that has just gotten inside a human.
You find yourself in the blood where the body is trying to destroy you!

But as the advanced organism you are you have 5 different configurations, each one of them capable of fooling one of the configurations of the detectors. Make your configuration match that of the detectors and you will be able to keep going.
However, if your configuration is different then you will be detected and instantly exterminated.

How to play:

In the right down corner you have two buttons. One + button and one - button. This buttons do exactly what you would expect they increase or decrease your configuration by 1.

You have a number on top of yourself, this number represents the configuration you are using. This can also be distinguished by the look of your micro organism. Your goal is to use the + and - buttons to make your top number match the number of all the defenses that are coming to you. These numbers will be found on the top of the application, in front of the blue defenses, on top of the dark red detectors.

The more you are able to survive the more points you get.
Survive as much as you can and get as many points as you are capable.

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