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Hook Wars: Pudge Revenge. New multiplayer 3D online game. Open alpha

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Genre: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)
Technologies: Unity Web Player, C# Mono, Java Script
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS and Linux (Wine or Pipelight needed)
Language: English, Russian
www.hookwarsonline.com (PLAY GAME HERE)
VK Application
Facebook Application
Facebook group
Standalone versions
Windows version
Linux version
Mac version
"Hook Wars: Pudge Revenge" - multiplayer coop online game with RPG elements.
Pudge Wars is back - reincarnation of a well-known Pudge Wars map of the Warcraft 3 game. Now on the web platform. All you need is access to browser and download Unity Web Player.
It open Alpha right now! Don`t miss your opportunity to be the first!
Gather friends and crash your enemies in new teeth breaking co-op! Feel the power of almighty hook and backsword! Now it`s very easy to control and brand new graphics bring it to the next level!
There are two teams – Red and Blue. Each team has three players. The players goal is to kill as many enemies as they can for winning the round.
For killing you can use hand weapon ( hand axe ) and ranged weapon ( Hook ). Player can improve hero characteristics in game shop using money owned during game.
Player can also own some unique deadliest abilities from river boxes.
Slogan: Slice and Dice!

Curr Version: 002 Alpha
Needs your feedbacks Edited by mmortall

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Game updated to v. 323

- Fixed critical multiplayer bug with desinchronization when player kills other player
- Game more dynamic and fun now
- In Training game two bots was added. Now it is 4x4 game
- Tutorial become shorter
- Fixed name saving bug

Edited by mmortall

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Our current game hero. Soon we will replace it and add new one. This is a temporal character.



Edited by mmortall

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New version
  • -  Fixed kill/death counting and synchronization in multiplayer
  • -  Fixed river box reward synchronization in multiplayer
  • -  Increase round waiting time up to the 3 min
  • -  Fixed bug with auto quality mode (sometimes high graphic on low machine)
  • -  Added stand alone build (without social stuff and auto updates)
  • -  Added reward log
  • -  Added money for help to kill
  • -  Added Camera sensitivity and Invert mouse buttons settings
  • -  Added smooth camera for simple control mode
  • -  Added fullscreen button in main menu
  • -  Added full screen and ingame menu tutorial with arrows
  • -  Fixed input field for invalid characters
  • -  Fixed health regeneration bug
  • -  Fixed reward for headshot kill (sometimes not gives)
  • -  Fixed memory leak in main menu
  • -  Fixed round logic after restart round (wrong values in round stat table)
  • -  Fixed Play button after back to main menu
  • -  Fixed situation when sometimes we don't know who is a damager
Edited by mmortall

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1. New versions released: and
Main changes:
- fixed hook damage bugs
- Now game chooses multiplayer server with lowest ping
- some minor changes
Now we begin to work under version 0.0.3
2. We successfully visited GDC 2014. Photos in our FB group.
3. We have released our app in fecebook

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