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DX11 StretchRect() in DX11?

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Hi Guys,

Previously when I used DX9c I used to draw to a surface of a preset size (usually screen dimensions 1600x900) and when I went into windowed mode I would simply draw the surface to the window using...

(FAILED(d3dDevice->StretchRect(surfaceApplication,NULL,surfaceBackbuffer,&DstRect,D3DTEXF_LINEAR )))

So, this way the scene would resize gracefully and I could still move objects as if they were still in full screen dimensions.

Is there a way to do similar in DirectX 11?

Thanks in advance smile.png

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Thanks for the reply unbird smile.png

Makes sense what you are saying.

The camera system suggestion is an awesome one, I didn't even think of adjusting that.

I allready have an OrthoGraphic camera setup in my project, I tried adjusting the camera's window width and height, and what do you know 'it just works!'.

I was ready to have a hell of a time to get this working and it was easy in the end. So, it just goes to show some decent advance planning does pay off sometimes ;)

This will allow for all sorts of awesome zoom effects also! You have made my day smile.png Edited by DarkRonin

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Indeed. A flexible 2D camera is not only a good exercise in transformations, but since it results in changing only one matrix (usually) for the shader - which you do need anyway - it is practically free on the GPU side. Drop those magic numbers!

Glad you got it already biggrin.png Edited by unbird

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