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3d vector question

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Depends on what your starting vector is.

If you want your starting vector to be looking down the z axis..then the resultant pyr vector is.

f32 cosP,sinP,cosY,sinY,PYRVec[3];
cosP = cosf(pitch);
sinP = sinf(pitch);
cosY = cosf(yaw);
sinY = sinf(yaw);

PYRVec[0] = cosP * sinY;
PYRVec[1] = -sinP;
PYRVec[2] = cosP * cosY;

Roll isnt calculated into the above because it is not needed for the beginning lookat. PYRVec now contains the normalized direction, so you can now multiply in the magnitude x.

PYRVec[0] *= x;
PYRVec[1] *= x;
PYRVec[2] *= x;

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