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Framerate Problems

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I been wondering about some things about framerates... If you take a look at the examples that come with the directx 8 sdk you would notice that some of them (if you have a decent videocard) manages to reach some amacings fps values... now when I measure the fps in my games I never reach a higher fps value than, say 76, and that''s when I remove all code and just performs an empty loop but in those examples I can reach a wooping 600 in fps... I calculate my fps by counting how many frames have passed in a second, but I can''t see how they do it... Now the other thing about framerates: I''ve been considering the solutions to the problems of running your game at the same speed on different computers (different framerates) in the book "windows game programming for dummies" by andré lamothe he suggests that the solution is locking the game to a specific framerate by doing a loop at the end of the code until a desired time is reached... now this works fine, the framerates stays constant and all that, but there is a visible flickering in the graphics (I''ve noticed this on several computers) which is _very_ disturbing... the other solution, the way I see it, is too have all movements in the game relative too the framerate, so if a sprite moves 10 pixels in 100fps, it would move 20 pixels in 50 fps thus compensating for the slow machine, but then you''d have too do this with all movemnts and all animation speed and stuff, and I''m afraid it would mess up my code... suggestions?

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Wild guess:

The refresh rate of your monitor is set to something such as 75Hz, 76Hz, 80Hz or 85Hz.

If your D3D present parameters (and driver settings) are set to synchronise to VSYNC, then all update will be forced to syncronise with the refresh rate of your monitor. The maximum frame rate you''ll get will be the refresh rate of the monitor.

Try running your application in a window and make sure it doesn''t use VSYNC - you''ll see a much better frame rate (unless you''re doing something wrong)

Simon O''''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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