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c++ basics

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Hey there everyone,


I'm into programming now for just a few weeks.

I started with Python and learnt some basic stuff, not very much, but some.

Now a friend of my asked if i wanted to do c++ with him and some other guys, and i know it is a hard language,

but i asked some around and almost everyone told me to do it, because learning in a group is way better then learning alone.

Tomorrow is our first meeting and today i wanted to know how much from what i've learned in python i could use in c++.

Those things are: input/output, if statement, else if statement, while and while statement.

I know it isn't very much but i want to know how much of the basics of c++ i've learned till now.

I understand that you could discuss about what the basics are exactly, so it don't has to be exact.

If it is possible i want to know to what i have to learn till i know those basics.

Thanks. Raoul 

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Many of the concepts you've learned will carry over. Though, you'll still need to learn syntax and the little idiosyncrasies between the languages. If/else, while loops, input/output etc are common to many (if not most/all, I'm only familiar with a few so can't say for sure:P) languages, though  there are certainly some differences in the specifics of how they work. It will be things such as pointers and references, polymorphism, garbage collection, and such that sound like they'll be new concepts to you. They're "basics" of C++ but you'll still likely be learning things like loops and in/out for some time before getting into them. Maybe take a look at what the concepts are for pointers and references, but I wouldn't recommend trying to jump ahead without learning the "basics-basics". But, everything you've learned will certainly be helpful in picking up a new language.


The basics of C++ are similar to Python, and again, I don't think you'll hit any entirely new concepts until pointers and references, though perhaps I'm overlooking something. There will be little specifics that are new, such as in C++ variables not being in scope outside of a loop they're created in or the way functions handle arguments, but I don't imagine it will be anything you can't wrap your head around. Going from a high language like Python to C++ will take a little getting used to but should be manageable.


My Python is super rusty and I haven't practiced with it as much as I ought to lately though, so perhaps someone else will have different or better advice though :)

Good luck! smile.png

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If you are going to start C++ this is a great sourced http://www.cplusplus.com/ .  I personally am a mathematician, and I got majority of my heavy programming from this source.  Do not be discouraged by the language.  It is very powerful and is great for object oriented programming which is a very big thing now a days.




The above link has great tutorials and also reference guides.  This will not only allow you to know how to use the coding syntax, but understanding what is going on behind some of the functions or code within the library.  It will be a big help when you start to manipulate data more.

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All of the stuff you said you have done in Python will be similar in c++, however, you will need to get familiar with the syntax. As well as this check out the websites and videos the other guys told you to check out.


Have a good time learning! Hope it isn't too difficult. :-)

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This actually depends on you.

E.g. I used to be starting to learn Java via books, but found it quite hard. Thus C++ actually seems easy to me. (It does.)

I decided to relearn C++ online (no, I only learnt like 2/3 from the book, especially the for loop kept confused me :/) so I introduce you learncpp.com. (I know, didn't updated for yeaes, but at least most of them are useful)

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A few things that will pop up when jumping into C++ from a scripting language...

1: If you want to use strings ( or don't want to write overly complex code to handle strings ) , better memorize this line of code

using namespace std; // some folks don't like using it due to "conflicts"

2: "<<" = output ... ">>" = input

// << is also the equivalent of + 
cout << "Hello World !" << endl;
// or
cout << "Hello " << "World !" << endl;

3: Variable types have to be declared !

4: Don't attempt pointers until you understand memory management "do s" and "don't s"

5: Learn how to write header files correctly

6: C++ classes do not quite work the same as Python's classes . C++ classes can be dangerous to new comers due to manual memory management requirements.

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