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An extremely simple yet powerful animation blending system (oTakhi Platform)

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We are very pleased to have completed and ready to release a new animation blending system that allows users to combine and synchronize skeletal, morph, path animations and audio tracks on a single timeline with millisecond accuracy.


Here is a sample scene featuring a fully rigged T.Rex animated with 3 skeletal and 1 path animation tracks.

(Once page loads, click to start animation.)




Here is the accompanying tutorial showing how it was done.


" title="External link">


oTakhi platform is a cloud-based top-down object oriented game development platform for the web.


The immediate benefit of using top-down object-oriented design pattern is that anyone at any time can create objects to extend the platform whereas in traditional OO, users must submit requests for new features and only a few programmers know how to improve the system (objects designs were baked-in by low-level languages after deployment and unadvised encapsulations limit its general uses).


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