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OpenGL glDrawArrays causes Segmantation fault

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Hello everyone,

My question may seem pretty newbish for you but I just can't figure it out and it's really bothering me.

So... Having little knowledge about OpenGL I wanted to find myself a tutorial and stumbled upon video series on youtube that was published about half a year ago (so it's fairly recent) and decided to just follow it. I am quite sure that the mentioned tutorial does not have the error I experience (it is shown that it works).

I am using Code::Blocks and the system is Arch Linux x64, the computer has two video cards: 1) integrated Intel graphics card 2) nvidia Geforce GT 620M.

There is this class Mesh in the tutorial



#include "mesh.h"
#include <vector>

Mesh::Mesh(Vertex* vertices, unsigned int numVertices){
  m_drawCount = numVertices;
  glGenVertexArrays(1,& m_vertexArrayObject);
  std::vector<glm::vec3> positions;
  std::vector<glm::vec2> texCoords;

  for(unsigned int i=0; i<numVertices;i++){

  glGenBuffers(NUM_BUFFERS, m_vertexArrayBuffers);

  glBindBuffer(GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, m_vertexArrayBuffers[POSITION_VB]);
  glBufferData(GL_ARRAY_BUFFER,numVertices*sizeof(positions[0]), &positions[0],GL_STATIC_DRAW);
  glVertexAttribPointer(0, 3, GL_FLOAT, GL_FALSE, 0, 0);

  glBindBuffer(GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, m_vertexArrayBuffers[TEXCOORD_VB]);
  glBufferData(GL_ARRAY_BUFFER,numVertices*sizeof(texCoords[0]), &texCoords[0],GL_STATIC_DRAW);
  glVertexAttribPointer(0, 2, GL_FLOAT, GL_FALSE, 0, 0);



  glDeleteVertexArrays(1,& m_vertexArrayObject);

void Mesh::Draw(){
  glDrawArrays(GL_TRIANGLES, 0, m_drawCount);

And I use it in my main.cpp

#include <iostream>
#include <GL/glew.h>
#include "display.h"
#include "shader.h"
#include "mesh.h"
#include "texture.h"
#include "glm/glm.hpp"
int main(){
  Display display(800, 600, "OpenGL");
  Vertex vertices[] = { Vertex(glm::vec3(-0.5, -0.5, 0), glm::vec2(0.0,0.0)),
			Vertex(glm::vec3(0, 0.5, 0), glm::vec2(0.5,1.0)),
			Vertex(glm::vec3(0.5, -0.5, 0), glm::vec2(1.0,0.0)),};
  Mesh mesh(vertices, sizeof(vertices)/sizeof(vertices[0]));
  Shader shader("./res/basicShader");
  Texture texture("./res/bricks.jpg");
  return 0;

But when I run my app in the debug mode it shows me this



Building to ensure sources are up-to-date
Selecting target:
Adding source dir: /home/lee/OpenGL/
Adding source dir: /home/lee/OpenGL/
Adding file: /home/lee/OpenGL/bin/Debug/OpenGL
Changing directory to: /home/lee/OpenGL/.
Set variable: LD_LIBRARY_PATH=.:
Starting debugger: /usr/bin/gdb -nx -fullname -quiet -args /home/lee/OpenGL/bin/Debug/OpenGL
Registered new type: wxString
Registered new type: STL String
Registered new type: STL Vector
Setting breakpoints
Debugger name and version: GNU gdb (GDB) 7.7.1
Child process PID: 6602
Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
In __memcpy_sse2_unaligned () (/usr/lib/
#7 0x0000000000403386 in Mesh::Draw (this=0x7fffffffe700) at /home/lee/OpenGL/mesh.cpp:42
At /home/lee/OpenGL/mesh.cpp:42
#7 0x0000000000403386 in Mesh::Draw (this=0x7fffffffe700) at /home/lee/OpenGL/mesh.cpp:42


The line 42 is glDrawArrays(GL_TRIANGLES, 0, m_drawCount); from mesh.cpp


It is really confusing because ,as I've said, I just typed the whole code as it was done in the tutorial. Unfortunately I can not download the source code because it is not available for this part.


Can it be somehow connected with my hardware specifications?


I apologize beforehand if the answer is too simple and/or obvious. 

Edited by LeeBrowm

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When you are binding the texture coordinates

glVertexAttribPointer(0, 2, GL_FLOAT, GL_FALSE, 0, 0);

You are specifying index 0 in the first parameter. It looks like that should be index 1.

Edited by HappyCoder

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