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OpenAL alGenBuffers OSX // exit OpenAL

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on reloading my shared lib (x-plane plugin) I get an error while alGenBuffers only on OSX. Linux/Windows works fine.

Anyone with an idea on what could be going wrong? As first loading is ok it seems to need additional

stuff in pluginstop for OSX?

Many thanks in advance

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I know this is old, but I'm replying just in case you haven't found your solution.


I don't know why, but native OpenAL on MacOSX only appears to work in 32-bit applications.  If your app is 64-bit, it just won't work.  This has been my experience trying to get OpenAL working on MacOSX Snow Leopard (10.6) 2 years ago.  So as far as native OpenAL goes, I think you're stuck.  I can't find any explanation as to why this is, and rarely have I been able to google anyone with the same problem.


There is one solution however.  Try using OpenAL-Soft.  It's an LGPL software implementation of OpenAL with a few extras.  This solved my issues, and I can now have OpenAL support for 64-bit apps.  Works great so far, I even use it for Android.


One final note, Creative hasn't been doing a very diligent job of maintaining OpenAL the way Khronos maintains OpenGL.  This is sad, because I like OpenAL much better than the other alternatives in general (except DirectSound, which has been deprecated since Vista killed it).  Because of this, some open source implementations like OpenAL-Soft came into existence.


Hope this helps,




EDIT: Link to OpenAL-Soft.framework

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Thanks but I got it working with OpenAL on 64bit Linux/Windows/OSX. On OSX I only needed to comment the algenbuffers error stuff. Apparently it reports an error on osx but still works fine.

I might have a look someday at the above only if it's compatible with OpenAL. Why, because it's a X-Plane plugin.

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