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Magnetic (first person puzzle game)

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My name is Joel Juvél and I am the Lead Programmer at Guru Games. We're a small 12 person indie game studio based in Skövde, Sweden. We are currently working on our first game called Magnetic.

Magnetic is a first person puzzle game that lets the player manipulate and master magnetic forces. The mechanics are focused around a single tool: The magnet gun, with diverse applications that helps the player navigate the deadly futuristic prison-maze they have been cast into.
The prison facility is controlled by the Warden, a sadistic and arrogant middle aged man that claims you have been placed there for past crimes, and that you deserve no better. Each chamber within the vast prison offers a unique challenge, ranging from classic puzzles to moral choices.

The Game is inspired by games such as Portal, Antichamber and Quantum Conondrum. We’re also inspired by the environment and the world seen in the Cube movies.

The game mechanics are focused both around solving puzzles but are also skillbased as you can soar through the air and manipulate the environment by using magnetic forces. The game is therefore a blend between fast paced action and logical puzzle solving.

The trailer of the game can be seen below:





Picture showing one of the playable Cubes inside Magnetic



Picture showing one of the playable Cubes in Magnetic?


If you have any questions regarding Magnetic feel free to comment and we will do our best to answer your questions. Each week we will also make a larger update from one of our developers in the form of a development blog, therefore you can follow the games production from either a programming, design, artist or sound-perspective, whatever you’re interested in!

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