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Hi. Newbie game dev here.

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I'm Laife Vivir, also soon to be known as Sir Vivir [Its Punny when you look at it] and I'm a newbie gamer which has embarked on a grand quest to play every NES game realessed in the USA [and I'll probobly expand to other consoles later] in chronological order. I'm also thinking about doing handheld games and PC games but I'm not totally sure about that. I also thought about playing every Flash game in chronological order but that is overwhelming and frankly, undesirable.

But enough about me, onto the actual game dev part.

I've stalked this forum for a few days as a guest, getting used to the way people speak and do business [as this is my first forum interaction] and I feel fairly comfortable speaking in public now.
I've taken up quite the undertaking of making a 2D Side Scrolling beat em up game, and partly for stylistic choices and partly because it's way easier to do 8 bit pixel art, I've decided to make the game 8 bit and pixely.
I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to post it, but I suppose I can show off [and ask for feedback of course.] on my current assets.
I drew a huge inspiration off Kung Fu for the NES which is my favorite NES game so far and I went so far as to download the sprite sheet and study the way Irem drew it's characters.

Game Details:
Single player 2D Side scrolling beat em up. I thought about multiplayer but I don't feel as safe with my dev skills to actually code/develop two players at once. I found a leaderboard using a 1D array to be far easier.

Ten stages, five levels. Eleven if you count the boss fight level and twelve if you count the bonus boss fight level.

Three attacks, a punch, a kick, and a jump kick.

Over ten enemy types

Unlike Kung Fu, levels have enviornmental hazards that can be fatal.

I tried my hardest to not be too ambitious, but my ambitions will no doubt grow while I continue to make games.
Notice I say make, as in develop games. I have no intention to be a coder, but rather, a designer, a creator. Learning to code [which I am...Slowly.] Is second to making the game, and if I could make this game beautiful without coding manually, I would.
And I wouldn't feel bad about it at all.

If this post garners any type of attention I'll just keep posting my assets for some feedback.


[attachment=22622:Wekesa Idle.gif]

[attachment=22624:Wekesa JumpKick.gif]

Well, thats all for now. I hope to be at least an active member of this community.
And not to be a buzzkill or anything, but at least let me know if you want to use these assets.


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You're right about the first death sprite. Looks more like his lower limbs are missing rather than he's actually kneeling over to die.


That's the only feedback I think of.


As for the level design, it kind of has an undecided feeling to. Either go completely flat like Kung Fu or go crazy with different platforms in the style of Contra and the like. Tiny little bumps are just annoying to me. This kind of falls into my own personal opinion, though. 


Good luck! 

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I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to post it, but I suppose I can show off [and ask for feedback of course.] on my current assets.

Since what you're asking for is feedback on your assets, I'm moving this to Visual Arts. But the post is kind of all over the place.

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