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I design a perfect shooting game control scheme of motion controller

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Hi , I’m from Taiwan .

I designed this since Nintendo announced the Wiimote ,
cause I still believe motion controller is more suitable for shooting game ,
and the old control scheme are worse than mouse and analog stick ,
let everybody feel motion controllers are useless in main stream games .

I hope this design can make the people “ who give up to play shooting game ,
cause they feel mouse keyboard and controller are hard to aim “
can return to play with there friends , and make more people want to play shooting games .

This control scheme can support  “Wiimote” “PS Move” “Razer Hydra” ,
so every shooting game on “Wii U” “PS3” “PS4” “PC”  can update to support it .

My English skill is not good enough , but I try to translate to English,
if you can’t figure out my meaning you can read the other language version.
(Chinese is the original version)

Use Wii remote and Nunchuk for example .

1:  Control Stick : walk ; B button : fire

2 : When you "not hold A button" , the camera is fixed ,
     Wiimote point to the screen to move the cursor ,
     like on rail shooting game.

3 : If the cursor move out of screen , set cursor to the center of screen.

4 : When you "hold A button" , "lock cursor on the place you hold A button"
     Now switch to use the gyroscope to turn around the camera in 1:1 ,
     like this 

5 : 1:1 is the most natural ratio , but it's hard to turn over 90 degree ,
     you can set the ratio to 1:2 , but it's hard for beginner.
     So we can add the inertia to camera turning,
     like the usaul touch screen interface , then we can easily to turn over 90 degree.

6 : To prevent inertia turn over 180 degree ,
     we need to stop camera when it turned 180 degree.

7 : IF you lock cursor and Wiimote point out of screen , then you release A button ,
     this situation don't set cursor to the center of screen .

Ok it's the all detail of my design.
I think this is the most natural shooting game control design so far !


1: ?????????B??????

2: ???A??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

3: ???????????????????????

4: ????A???????????????A?????????????????1:1??????????? 


5: ?1:1??????????????????????????90??????????????????1:2?????????????????



6: ??????????????????????180??????????????????????????????180????????????????

7: ?????????????Wii??????????????A???????????



 1??????????????    B???????


 3??????????????????????????????? ?






 6?????????????180??????????????????????????????????????????????180?????????????????????????????? ?


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