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Fallout 3 Terminal in C++

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I'm making some console apps and games in C++ while I learn the language.


I really like the terminals in the game Fallout 3 and would like to make my console apps similar. Is there a way I can achieve a similar effect to the way text is drawn to the screen without any add-ons like ncurses etc?


Say for example drawing 5 characters to the screen, then half a second later another 5 etc to simulate that effect?


If you skip to 00:58 on the below link you'll understand what I'm after. Thanks!


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std::string message = "Hi I'm a console with really badly optimized text rendering capabilities";

for(size_t i = 0; i < message.length(); ++i) {
  std::cout << message[i];

On Windows #include Windows.h for Sleep which is in milliseconds, and on Linux you can use usleep in unistd.h, and usleep is in microseconds.




Actually, if you have a reasonably up-to-date compiler you can use the built-in sleep if you include <chrono> and <thread>:

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The other option is to use a mask that animates per line on the rendering. You can then just set the text of all lines and the mask animation will reveal text as goes a long untill it is finished.


Ignore this I missed the console app, my solution will only work if you are doing some fancy rendering

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on that subject, at the moment i've just been doing exclusively console based games for windows.


If I did want to branch out in some graphics for more fancy text games like the fallout terminal, what is the easiest thing to use with C++ do you think to achieve something like that and practice graphics for text games?


EDIT: just for the record I'm clueless on graphics and have never done anything but console stuff.

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