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Javascript Won't Run with Tutorial GitHub Code

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Frolicks    128

So as you all know, I am an absolute beginner to all things Javascript and HTML.

I do have some prior knowledge from CodeAcademy courses and general youtube videos, but it's not anything to go by in terms of game development.


I've been following this tutorial (thanks to Avalander for the link)

on the topic of making a simple canvas game. 


My problem is this. It doesn't run. After failing to run on my own hand-written code, I opted to copy/pasting the GitHub code instead. Didn't work either.


Maybe it's an issue with the way I connect the .png's to the code? Possibly. However, I've tried: 


Downloading the images and putting it in the same folder, naming everything correctly


Including a direct internet link in the HeroImage.src = "http://xxxxxx.png


Putting the entire .js code into the html file as <script> </script>. Although the images didn't show up, I was able to see the document.write ("This code ran!") I included and the height of the canvas by highlighting it with the cursor. 


Any thoughts on what the problem could be? My Javascript education would seriously take a hit if I keep doubting my own browser/computer.



Might be worth mentioning that I've had tutorials fail me in the past. 


This would work:

While this would not:


Thanks for reading, gaiz. 

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Frolicks    128

I downloaded the github project and it runs in Firefox without problem. 


Thanks to you, I realized that I could download Github projects.


My problem was, I didn't understand how to properly write the "src" to connect to my images. Downloading the file and seeing all the folders helped me realize that, thanks.

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