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[ --- Narusimu --- ]

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The Game:

Narusimu is a project with the goal of simulating the Universe of Naruto as accurate as possible in the form of a 3D MMORPG, or rather MMOARPG (action RPG). However, the project will have no affiliation with the series and will have completely independent elements to make it a very unique and interesting.


Narusimu itself is more than just a game. It's an entire world for you, to assume a second life in a sense in a virtual environment. Narusimu will allow you to live life in a simulated world in an ancient Japanese lore setting. Become a great shinobi, or take up cooking. The choice is yours.


With Narusimu’s sandbox world, we give players the opportunity to impact the game completely. Earn your stripes, grant yourself leadership over a nation, or create your own military secret organization to create complete chaos for other players.


In the real world, life is vulnerable and comes to an end. The same principles are present in the simulated world of Narusimu, especially since it’s full of shinobi. Players are granted only one life. Make sure your choices are worth the risk and always be on guard. Dying will bring you back to the character creation screen. But death lies completely in the hands of players. Unlike in most games, if you get defeated by someone in a fight, the victor will get the choice to kill you or let you live. If you live, you'll wake up in a hospital in a nearby village. However, if this person is evil at heart, and decides to let you suffer even after having defeated you just for the heck of it, then he can. In reality, evil people exist, so they will exist in Narusimu too. We will make sure evil people can be evil to the fullest extent, which will make killing them more fun.












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Ah yeh, i forgot to edit it. I also want to "advertise" the game.


Edit: done.

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