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[iOS & Android] Angularis - Arcade Tap Game

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Hi everyone!

We just released our first mobile game. We are a team of two good friends. I am the app and web designer and my colleague does the coding parts. It is also our first unity3D project and we are very excited what you think about it.

If you have the time, please give it a try clear.png

(Unfortunately, the iOS version ist still under review. hope it will be released soon)

THX to all,


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Why do we not get a reply? Don't you like the game? We would really appreciate some feedback, only then we can improve it :) Please help us. Thx

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Hi Jan,

the game looks simple, but seems to be fun though. Unfortunately, I cannot test it directly, because I have no Android device (yet). So my feedback is really based on the video you posted! To keep it short, here is what I like, what I dislike, and what is not quite clear to me:

What I dislike:

  • The background music sounds too epic for this kind of game :-), but I guess it is not included in the game
  • The black background... maybe you can enhance it with some kind of starfield as the "colorful bars" that you need to hit are also floating from the background to the foreground.

What I like:

  • The plain and simple graphics (except for the black background :-))
  • The game idea itself

General Questions:

  • What kind of game modi do you have? Against time? Number of hits without failure? etc.?
  • Did you think about higher difficulties like using more degrees (e.g. 45 instead of 90).
  • Did you think about multiplayer on the same device? To me, the game asks for a split screen and a 2-player mode :-)

Hopefully, I my feedback will help you to improve your game and I will stay tuned when it launches on the App Store.

- Lars

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Hi Lars,


thank you for your feedback! The epic background music is absolutely not the background music of the game :D

The only game mode is against time. Every 5 hits without failure the speed will be increased by 10% and it definitely gets hard. There are three difficulties to choose (square, hexagon and octagon)

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