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PhysX Stop Moving

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I'm trying to integrate PhysX into my engine but I have some troubles and documentation did not help me.
1) Restitution -> is the amount of bounce that an object has when it hits ground(or something)
0 Restitution Works as expected -> object does not bounce
1 or 0.99 Restitution doesn't work(probably) -> object should bouncing forever(or very long time) but it only bounce ten times

2) Static and Dynamic Friction -> static friction is the amount of energy needed to initial moving and dynamic friction is amount of energy needed to keep object moving(I just apply force only once)
If I apply force to object it will move and dynamic friction should cause that object will stop, shouldn't it? But in my code it causes nothing, object moves forever

My last question is about Havok: I'm using visual studio but Havok's library is only for VS 2012 and lower. Is there any way to use it in VS 2013 or must I wait for next release?

Edit: I solved both problems, for the first one it was only bad threshold. Friction Works as expected. I tried friction in small scene where were only spheres. And spheres are specific case and I did not realize that. In bullet spheres stop moving but in PhysX they move forever, no in high speed but you can see it on rotation. I found a way how to stop them, but why is not it in the documentation? Edited by Xperience

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