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Need a little guidance.

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Wolken    133
Like the topic states I'm in need of a little guidance. For the past couple of months I've been learning Java by reading the Head First java book and playing around with it. My goal of course is to try start making games. Right now I'm most interested in Android game development (and that's one of the main reasons to why I've chosen to learn java in the first place).
So right now I've started to feel like I'm ready to advance to simple game development (already made a simple tic tac toe). So my question for you guys is this: if I want to make a simple 2d platformer, should I first try making it on desktop or should I get into android and start learning it, try to make that game there (I really can't wait to try it:D)? Also any tips, books, suggestions on starting in Android, desktop game development (like what graphic engine should I use etc.) would be really helpful (Like I said I'm currently most interested in trying to make a simple 2d platformer).
Thanks in advance, any help would be great. :)

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GoCatGoGames    1653

There is literally a poster here who has a Web site about creating games with Java.  Helpful and very much the person you need.  I'm blanking on the username and can't find the Web address.


You should think about editing your post's title to make it clear.  Add Java and Android to it -- I bet you'll have a better response!

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