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Video Game Scripts

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KingOfTheNoobs    519

I've been experimenting with several different script formats recently and am not really sold on most of them. I figured while I'm at it I might as well see what you guys usually do. If someone posts one that really works for me it would be a big help.

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Stormynature    5198

What types of script formats have you been working with?


What type of game format are you exploring i.e. linear platformer, rpg, openworld etc., in other words what are your needs?


Are you willing to spend money in order to meet those needs or are you simply seeking a freeware that services most of your needs?




In other words...please supply some more detail so that you can be more effectively answered.

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sunandshadow    7426

When I'm actually writing NPC dialogue or other text that will appear as-is in the game, I assign each piece (meaning that the game will deliver it to the player as one chunk) an alphanumeric ID number.  If it's an interactive dialogue or story I have the pieces arranged into a flowchart in addition to the basic linear format.  Depending on the game and the development model (what you content you plan to make first vs. last), it might make more sense to categorize the linear part by:

- NPC (or by item for flavor text, and by object for text that appears on signs, pieces of paper, or computer screens within the game)

- Location within the game

- Time period within the game world/plot

- Quest line.


Then you can use hyperlinks or whatever to link those collections of dialogue pieces into their relevant places in the game design document if you want.

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