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What happened to Rastertek?

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As I wrote, the projects I uploaded onto OneDrive were made with Visual Studio 2013 (and this means I target Windows SDK 8.1) and are a conversion for DirectXMath, which is the DirectX mathematics library since the Windows SDK 8.0/Visual Studio 2012.

You also need to add DirectXTK compiled static library to the project or replace the code that use DDSTextureLoader with something else.

D3DCompileFromFile was added with the Windows SDK 8.0.

If you are targeting Windows SDK 7x and the legacy DirectX SDK you need to revert back the changes I made and re-add the deprecated dependencies of D3DX libraries (for D3DXMath you can just use XNAMATH and remove the namespace declration).
You can replace D3DCompileFromFile with D3DX11CompileFromFile.

If you wanna revert back to D3DX and the legacy SDK this link will help you:

I don't have the original sources with d3dx includes, so you should look ad the WebArchive pages.


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What kind of issue do you have compiling the projects?

First - strange lines:

#include <DirectXMath.h>
using namespace DirectX;


OK, I replaced it with:

#include <xnamath.h>


Second - D3DCompileFromFile not found. MSDN says it's from d3dcompiler.h file, but there's no such function

Of course, as a last resort, shaders can be loaded manually and compiled with D3DCompile smile.png


I had a few problems initially with d3dcompiler too and I solved it by making sure there were no more references to the directx SDK june 2010. To develop "newstyle" we have to simply drop that sdk, drop the d3dx stuff and move on to the new windows 7 or 8 kit. Note: this doesn't mean you have to uninstall the 2010 sdk. You just have to make sure your project does not include anything from there and has no libs it references from there either.

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By luck, I mirrored this site last year because I was afraid it disappear for the web. Since then, the author wrote some new turorials, but I added them to my mirror. I had to do it manually (by copying the HTML code and the images) because I wasn't able to create a new mirror from the last archive on, but it was worth the hassle as this website is an invaluable learning tool.


The difference between my mirror and the one from is that I have almost all the original tutorials source files. Only the lastest ones are missing, here's the list : and (sources from DX11 tutorial 48). and (sources from DX11 tutorial 49). and (sources from DX11 tutorial 50). and (sources from DX11 terrain tutorial 19). and (sources from DX10 tutorial 48). and (sources from DX10 tutorial 49). and (sources from DX10 tutorial 50). and (sources from DX10 terrain tutorial 19).
-pic0299.gif (illustration image from DX11/10 terrain tutorial 19).


But, except for that files, my mirror is complete. If you have one or more of those files, please send them to me so I can upgrade my mirror and eventually complete it.


Here's the link to download it :


If enough people are interested, I'll make a local version in chm format.

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