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C# from beginner forward

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Title says it all pretty much.


About three months ago or so I've started making my own game (with some basic prior knowledge in Javascript, but I quickly dropped it and picked C# because it seemed as a better solution to me; also, I had enough experience in Illustrator/Photoshop (roughly 6 years for each) to not stagger when it came to art design) but now I've hit a wall. A wall I like to call "things I get but can't put together" - which is basically a transition from beginner to whatever comes next in C#.


I've read a lot of tutorials and managed to follow most of them, and did try a couple of books (but I get too tired from reading 100 pages only to get to the basic descriptions of Vectors), but the process of creation slowed down tremendeously.

The game isn't all that complicated: infinite runner of sorts with some platforming and combat elements and customazation. Basic stuff you see on Android every day (2D).


TL:DR - I'm looking for a book/a series of tutorials/whatever which will help me move forward from my basic knowledge of C#. Just so you can have a rough idea, here are some things I can create from scratch:


- Basic 4 directional movement / 2 directions + jump / standard controls for 3rd person 3D / FPS (I have basic knowledge of Vectors, transform, axes etc.)

- Basic GUI (I have basic knowledge of GUI Text syntaxes as well as changing its value)

- Colliders (basic knowledge of "On Trigger" collision to activate something)

- Basics of triggering animations

- Scene transitions (erm ... I can type Application.LoadLevel ...  I guess)


Things I can create with some reminders:


- HP/Mana system with over-time-decay (still struggling to figure out on hit decay) (only with GUI Text though, so I'd like a transition to art)

- Double jumping (I understand the concept but always fail to execute it on my own)

- Simulation of movement

- Camera follow

- Infinite looper


As you can see, it's not much, but it was enough to get me started.


So ... any recommendations as to where I should pick up from now on?


Art and animation aren't problems - only programming is. I have no intention of becoming a master in programming, mind you, since my main focus is art/animation (2D primarily), so nothing major needed biggrin.png


Thanks in advance, I hope I was clear enough smile.png

P.S. I apologize for any spelling mistakes.

Oh, I forgot to mention I use Unity as the Game Engine if that matters at all.

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